Control your Roku box with free iOS app

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Control your Roku box with free iOS app


Roku boxes are all the rage right now, offering cheap and easy streaming of services like HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix.

Of course, another box means another remote, and Roku’s clickers are so small they can easily vanish into the couch cushions, never to be seen again. (Well, unless you look.)

Here’s a handy alternative: Roku for iOS, which brings a full-featured remote to your iPhone , iPad, or iPod Touch. (It’s coming soon for Android.)

The app connects to your box via your home network. I quickly and easily linked my iPhone 4S to an older Roku XR–though judging from some App Store reviews, some users have had trouble with this initial setup. (Check Roku’s support page if you encounter a similar problem.)

I found Roku for iOS superior to the stock remote in many ways. For one thing, it offers one-tap access to your subscribed channels, which beats the usual method of navigating to the Home screen and scrolling through the list. You can also browse the entire channel library and add/remove channels as desired. Very convenient.

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Control your Roku box with free iOS app

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