Audman: Accessory Turns iPhone Into a Walkman

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Sony’s portable cassette player, the Walkman was the first mass market device to allow users to listen to music while on the go.
In case you miss it, you should checkout this Kickstarter project called
, which hopes to bring the fun of mixtapes, cassette players and boomboxes to the iPhone with both function and style.
Kickstarter is a website that helps developers gain pledges from interested buyers in order to develop their projects.
According to the Kickstarter Project page, Audman is the brainchild of designer and hardware developer – Dean Ekkaia and engineer and programmer Sean Solberg,. Here’s brief description of the iPhone accessory:
Our amplifier circuitry powers two mini-speakers on the rear side of the Audman so you’ll always have a boombox with you wherever you go. An integrated high-capacity rechargeable battery powers the speakers and can also be used to recharge your iPhone . It’s like the radio/docking stations that so many companies make except we succeeded in miniaturizing the electronics so it’s ultra-mobile. We placed a headphone jack on both sides of the Audman so you can wear it how you want, carry it in either hand or listen with a friend. The analog style buttons and volume control interact directly with your iPhones music library, and other services such as Pandora. Plus, our free upcoming app will bring back the fun of mixtapes. The belt clip on the rear side also folds out to serve as a handy stand. We knew you wouldn’t want to sacrifice style for durability so we designed the outer shell to be high-strength ABS plastic to protect the iPhone and used a high-quality finish.
The premium Audman will be available for $125, while Audman LT will be available for $85.
The iPhone accessory has started generating some interest. The project on Kickstarter has received backing for more than $3,000 from 28 backers at the time of writing this post with 27 days to go. Dean and Sean are looking to raise $42,000 to help make their dream of bringing Audman to the market come true.
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