Arcade puzzle games for iOS

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Arcade puzzle games for iOS


Are you a puzzle gamer? My iOS devices have a mix of gaming genres, from action arcade titles and racing games, to FPS shooters and Role Playing adventure games. But sometimes I also like to focus in and test my logic and problem solving skills with puzzle games.

Some great games have come out recently that are worthy of any puzzle gaming fan’s iPhone . All of these titles are worthy of checking out, because they have plenty of challenge, are all very polished graphically, and are perfect for when you want to put your brain teaser skills to the test.

This week’s iOS app collection is all about arcade puzzle games. The first combines lessons from past iPhone games to make for a great brain teaser. The second has you blowing up ice sculptures using different types of bombs. The third challenges you to divert water to a cute little alligator’s tub.

You'll need to drag and attach the eerie tendrils to the eye to get it to the goal.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Contre Jour (99 cents) is an arcade puzzler that veteran gamers will see as a mashup of game mechanics and inspiration from several other popular titles. Though it’s been out for awhile, Contre Jour is a well-executed and challenging puzzle game with polished art and… [Read more]

Arcade puzzle games for iOS

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