Apple Vs. Samsung: Apple Loses Bid To Halt Galaxy Sales In U.S.

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The plot thickens in the Apple -Samsung patent war. A U.S. judge has rejected Apple ‘s bid to halt Samsung’s sales of Galaxy tablets and smartphones.
Reuters reports that Friday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh turned down Apple ‘s move for a preliminary injunction against Samsung. The bid would have prevented Samsung Electronics from selling its Galaxy-series tablets and smartphones in the U.S. on grounds of patent-infringement.
“It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed,” Koh wrote.
If the ban had succeeded, Apple may have been able to get more sales due to the Galaxy series’ inaccessibility. While Apple is still doing well, the competition is looking fiercer than ever.
Meanwhile, on Friday Apple appealed a
that lifted the ban on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Samsung vs. Apple patent war spans over 20 different cases in multiple countries. While it’s still possible that Apple could win, things don’t seem to be in their favor at the moment.
 to get around the injunction. Apple also has to worry about
. Things are getting even more intense in the smartphone industry.

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