Apple TV Hacked to Run iOS Apps

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It has been disappointing to see that Apple has still not launched an App Store for the second generation Apple TV.
back in October 2010, there hasn’t been much progress made on that front.
However, iOS hacker and developer
 Troughton-Smith has just renewed our hopes as he along with Nick who goes by the Twitter handle TheMudKip have managed to successfully run iOS apps and Springboard on the second generation Apple TV.
Success! A window manager on AppleTV, running REAL iOS apps 😀 Nice work @TheMudkip on MobileX :
I rewrote SpringBoard from scratch using only QuartzCore. MobileX isn’t linked against UIKit.
The MobileX thing is a standalone app. It manages HID, GS, priorities, contexts, bootstraps apps, processes bundles etc.
It uses my own, portable UX toolkit called MXKit. It doesn’t even link against UIKit.
This opens up a whole host of possibilities.

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