Apple Stores In Japan Participate In ‘Lucky Bag’ Tradition

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‘Lucky bag’ or Fukubukuro is a Japanese New Year’s Day tradition, where bags with unknown merchandise are sold at huge discounts.

Japanese Apple Stores prepare such lucky bags on every New Year’s Day
, and they’re quite a hit with consumers.
I always considered myself a pretty big Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fan, but 
 seems to bring out the most hard-core fanboys. Back in 2010 I tried to queue for a lucky bag, arriving at the store at 5am only to find that overnight campers had filled all the spots. This year the bag cost 33000 yen (about $430), and most customers are hoping that there will be a big ticket item inside like an iPad 2 or a Macbook Air.
product launches or opening days of Apple Stores.
Last year, these bags were sold at $380 (30,000 Yen) and a few lucky buyers found
tucked into their bags.

Here’s an image (via
As you see, the bag contains:
8GB, Porter Bag, iPod touch case, iZon remote room monitor, incase Reflex, Mophie Juice Pack reserve, Apple T-Shirt and Assorted pins. Quite a lot for just $430!
Here’s an unboxing (un-bagging, if you will) video of the Lucky Bag. Skip to 1:22 to see the contents of the bag:

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