Apple Sends ‘Take Down’ Notices to AppTrackr – Major Source of Pirated iOS Apps

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Funny thing is, people will go on and on about how apple is better than driod, and droids apps suck, yet they will blatantly steal programs via installous from programers making the apps they love for their iPhones.
Don’t you get it people. If you don’t support programers through the purchase of their apps, you will ultimately drive the programers out of the market and we will be left with crap apps like droid.
While I agree more programmers need to Demo their programs before we buy, stealing them is not the way to push the issue. And please don’t lie to yourself or us about how you buy after you steal… If its not free or 99 cents, I am guessing your credit card never leaves the wallet.
Now forgive me if I am ranting, and this isn’t meant to be a direct attack against pirates. But, 90% of the pirates are the same people whining about not having an untethered jailbreak, and how the phone is useless without a jailbreak. Useless because they won’t pay for their apps. I agree with Wolverinmarky, I am shocked it has taken this long for apple to get involved. The programmers haven’t had the money to fight legal battles and defend their software from piracy. Apple starting to defend their programers is long over due.
I myself want clean running apps hassle free. Now more and more every day, the apps are worthless without in app purchases/subscriptions, and the companies are getting greedier and greedier with the in-app stuff. Charge me 4.99 and let me use the app. Not charge me extra every time I want to use it. Is this partly greed on the company’s part… yes .. but its also largely due to rampant piracy. The only way to stop the illegal use of their apps, is to charge for access from within them. It’s destroying the market and killing us that pay for our apps.

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