Apple Posts iTunes Match Overview, FAQs And Walkthrough Video

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 last week,
Match including a walkthrough video and an FAQ section.
Prior to this page, iTunes Match was a part of the
of Apple ‘s website, as
The new page includes a brief description of iTunes Match, the way it works and steps to get started with the service. Apple also tries to clear any misinformation about the service (including the
) through the FAQ section.
How many devices can iTunes Match support?
iTunes Match supports up to 10 devices — including your computer, iPhone , iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.
Will my playlists sync across devices?
Yes. When you create, edit, or delete a playlist on your Mac, PC, iPhone , or iPad, those changes will sync across any iTunes Match-enabled device you own. However, playlists with videos, voice memos, or PDF files will not sync.
Does iTunes Match stream or download songs?
On a computer, any songs stored in iCloud will stream over the air when played, though you can download them at any time by clicking the iCloud download button. iOS devices will start playing tracks from iCloud as they download and will store them so that you can listen to them later even if you don’t have a network connection. Apple TV only streams songs.
What happens if I don’t resubscribe after the first year? Will I lose any upgraded songs?
No. Any songs you’ve upgraded or downloaded again are completely safe. The only thing you lose is the central storage — iCloud will no longer stream or download matched or uploaded songs to your devices.
Does the Apple ID I use for iTunes Match have to be an iCloud account?
No. If you’ve been using a separate Apple ID for purchases, that Apple ID will also work for iTunes Match. You should use the Apple ID that is associated with the majority of your music purchases.
For the full FAQ section and the walkthrough video, hit the source link below.

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