Apple Planning to Add Bluetooth 4.0 Support For AirPlay

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) reports that Apple is planning to add Bluetooth 4.0 support to its AirPlay wireless protocol.
 reports that Apple announced at MFi Technology Summit 2011 in Shenzhen that ended on Friday that it will be releasing a new certification chip for MFI (Made for iPhone /iPad/iPod touch) devices that will allow future AirPlay products to connect to iOS devices via Bluetooth 4.0.
from an iOS device or computer. The low power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0 makes it an excellent alternative to Wi-Fi especially for iOS devices.
By allowing its AirPlay wireless protocol to work over Bluetooth, Apple is expected to expand AirPlay wireless devices market by several times and create opportunities in the healthcare and gaming industry.
Apple added Bluetooth 4.0 support in iPhone 4S, Mac Mini and MacBook Air that were introduced this year. In fact, iPhone 4S that was launched two months back was the
New standards, however good they might be, need a major player to back them for mass adoption. Believe it or not during the media format war between VHS and BetaMax, VHS survived only because of porn industry’s backing. Similarly, Apple ‘s backing can play a huge role in the survival or death of a certain standard.
It looks like slowly but surely, Apple seems to be doing it for Bluetooth 4.0.

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