Analyst Predicts Apple Will Sell 190 Million iPhones in 2012

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will lead Apple ‘s Q4 to be a blockbuster and next year’s sales will hit almost 200 million iPhones. iPad sales aren’t as high, but the analyst reports that there’s an easy way to get them higher.
Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty made some very interesting points on a consumer survey held the week after Thanksgiving. Fortune reported on her and highlighted the fact that this next quarter will feature sales significantly higher than previously predicted.
. Based on the survey and last week’s comments from AT&T (
), Huberty estimates that Apple (
) could ship anywhere from 31 to 36 million iPhones this quarter — as much as 20% higher than the 30 million she’s modeling and nearly 30% higher than the 28 million Wall Street is expecting.
Huberty says that the demand for iPhones is accelerating, and next year’s first quarter could feature sales of 30 million units. She also commented on iPad sales, offering an interesting opinion.
“Perhaps most surprising,” demand for tablets shows no sign of weakening
. Only 8% of US consumers own a tablet today but 27% plan to buy one, according to the survey. If, as Huberty expects, Apple gives up “a modest” 4 points of market share to Amazon’s (
) Kindle Fire, Apple could sell 81 million iPads worldwide next year. Morgan Stanley is modeling only 52 millon iPads for 2012, roughly 20 million in the U.S. and 32 million overseas.
would be $399 – could leads to sales of 90 million units worldwide, which is 10 million more than what Apple is rumored to have asked suppliers to build.
It bears mentioning that Katy Huberty is usually fairly conservative in her predictions, as MacRumors has pointed out. Will Apple discount their tablet? How will the upcoming
 affect these predictions?

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