Air Dictate App Allows You to Take Notes on Your Mac Using Siri

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to dictate emails, text messages etc. on your
then you’re probably missing it while typing things on your computer.
, which turns your iPhone into a portable drive have just released an app called Air Dictate that will allow you to dictate on your Mac using Siri.
Since there are no public APIs to use Siri, folks at Avatron first convert the speech to text and send the text as messages to the companion Air Dictate receiver app for the Mac.
Press the Mic button to start; Speak; Press the Mic button again to send.
Hold the iPhone up to your ear; Speak; Move the iPhone away to send.
There are apps like Dragon Express For Mac that come with a free iPhone app, but at an introductory price of $49.99 for the Mac app, it is a lot more expensive then Air Dictate, which is available for only $0.99.
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