2D snowboarding games for iOS

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2D snowboarding games for iOS


This week I’ve gathered up some 2D snowboarding games that are not as good as being in the actual snow, but might be the perfect time-waster while we wait for winter to settle in.

As we hunker down for the winter months in the northern hemisphere, many are dreaming of another great season of winter sports. While there’s probably nothing I can offer on the iPhone that will give you the feeling of snowboarding on powder-covered slopes, maybe these apps will make the days slip by a little bit faster.

This week’s collection of iOS apps are all 2D snowboarding games. The first uses rag-doll physics as you pull off tricks down the mountain. The second has you playing as a rat on a snowboard going for distance. The third challenges you to master difficult tracks while pulling off big flips as you head to the finish line.

While not a bad game, you can even see in the screenshot how the rider leans to one side.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Super Trick Snowboarder ($1.99) is a 2D snowboarding game that uses rag-doll physics as you jump, flip, and spin down the slope, but it might be a bit too rag-doll for its own good. The game features nice-looking cartoonlike graphics as your snowboarder makes his way past obstacles … [Read more]

2D snowboarding games for iOS

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