xCon: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Bypass Jailbreak Detection By Apps

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Ever since Apple introduced an API in iOS to detect jailbroken iOS devices, developers have been using it to prevent users who have
. They’re typically greeted with the following error message: “
Jailbreak detected. App cannot run on a jailbroken device
” when they launch such apps.
We’ve seen the jailbreak detection in apps such as Bloomberg Anywhere, Cablevision, Cisco M-Learning, DirecTV for iPad, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Time Warner Cable, Verizon On Demand /FlexView etc.
Cable companies like Cablevision, Time Warner etc. that allow their apps to be used only over home Wi-Fi network are paranoid that users who have jailbroken their iOS device could use jailbreak tweaks such as
that enable 3G for “Wi-Fi Only” apps and thus use their apps while on the go, so they have taken the extreme step of preventing jailbroken iOS device users from using their apps. It is now going to get even more difficult for such companies to stop that from happening.
Hacker n00neimp0rtant has created a jailbreak tweak, which bypasses jailbreak detection in apps, so you can use apps that currently prevent jailbroken iOS device users. According to
, the tweak works by sandboxing the apps into its own memory space allowing you to use them without a jailbreak being detected.

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