Will iOS 5.1 give Siri hardware access?

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Will iOS 5.1 give Siri hardware access?

With you iOS 5.1 update, you may be able to tell Siri to, “Take a photo.”

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According to German Web site Macerkopf.de, iOS 5.1, the first major update to Apple ‘s mobile operating system, will give Apple ‘s voice-controlled assistant Siri the capability to access certain hardware features of the iPhone 4S.

The Web site’s source is listed as an Apple developer commenting on a forthcoming iOS 5.0.2 update that will address battery issues yet again, as well as the future iOS 5.1 update that will contain the Siri updates.

If you’re a power user, this news should be fairly exciting. Giving Siri the capability to adjust hardware settings is a great step forward in having a completely voice-activated iOS. Commands such as “Turn off my Wi-Fi” or “Turn on my Bluetooth” will be recognizable and actionable to Siri (whereas currently they are not).

I would expect Siri to be a central focus of iOS updates from here out. Apple does not release many products in a beta state and I am sure the company is anxious to remove that tag. Certainly adding hardware access to Sir… [Read more]

Will iOS 5.1 give Siri hardware access?

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