Why Siri doesn’t like older iPhones

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Why Siri doesnt like older iPhones

Even Siri won't reveal why she doesn't support older iPhones.

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iPhone 4S users have been able to enjoy conversations with Siri. But owners of older iPhones have no Siri to talk to. Why?

Tearing down the iPhone 4S, the gurus at iFixit believe that Siri’s absence on older phones is connected to changes in the proximity sensor used in the new iPhone .

The proximity sensor judges when your face is near the phone so it can dim the display and disable the keyboard. In past model iPhones, it turns on only during a call and then turn offs when the call is completed.

But Siri also makes use of the proximity sensor since there’s a “raise-to-speak” option that activates the voice assistant when you bring the phone to your face.

To enable this feature, the proximity sensor in the new phone is now active all the time, not just during a call, says iFixit. This means that the sensor’s infrared LED is constantly shining, though it’s undetectable except through certain digital cameras, which is how iFixit found and recorded it.

This finding initially led others, including 9to5Mac readers, to assume that iFixit was pinning the blame on an actual hardware cha… [Read more]

Why Siri doesnt like older iPhones

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