Touch that iPhone, and you’re busted

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Touch that iPhone, and youre busted

Clutch those iPhones tightly.

A photo of a suspected iPhone thief, taken by an app that automatically snaps pictures of anyone who incorrectly keys in a passcode.

New York Police Department)

Some evidence suggests that thieves are targeting the handset more than ever.

The good news is that, thanks to technology from Apple , as well as third-party security apps, authorities have a better chance of catching the bad guys and retrieving the phones. Not only can the device’s GPS system help hunt down a handset, but apps such as iGotYa will snap photos of whoever is in possession of the phone.

The bad news is that sometimes, the cops grab innocent people.

Last week, police in Petaluma, Calif., kicked in the door of Moriah Stafford, and arrested her and her 44-year-old son, according to a story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. The pair were initially charged with possession of stolen property, after police found Stafford with another woman’s iPhone . Police had used the phone’s built-in GPS system to track the phone within three feet, according to the newspaper.

The charges were dropped when Stafford explained that she found the woman’s iPhone in a department store a… [Read more]

Touch that iPhone, and youre busted

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