The Redesigned iPhone 5 Was Real

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” event, disappointing a number of people who wanted a redesigned iPhone with a larger screen.
source, the redesigned iPhone with a larger screen wasn’t just a rumor, but in fact existed as a prototype.
the “iPhone 5″ – or at least, a fully redesigned iPhone – was real and it was scrapped only months before the iPhone 4S was announced. 
We’ve been told this by an industry source who has been right about future Apple products in the past.
Our source said that Apple engineers he knows thought until about three months before the iPhone 4S was released, that a new fully re-designed iPhone was going to be Apple ‘s next big announcement. 
This source said that he spent about two weeks with one prototype version of this phone.
The prototype reportedly had many of the rumored features, as well as a few unexpected ones:
An aluminium back, just like the
Considerably faster performance, which in turn meant poor battery life.
10 megapixel rear camera.
, which was named as ”
” on the phone.
In addition to these features, the source said that the prototype’s screen had deliberately been messed up with. Why?
Apple tends to “ugly up” features it is actually improving in some of its prototypes to disguise them.
, just like the current
Why didn’t the prototype make it out of the development stage? Chatter among Apple employees is that,
 platform to get fragmented with different screen sizes. Another reason may have been the
in the market, like all Apple
, this should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Do you think the revamped design would make an appearance at WWDC 2012?

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