Survey Shows That 96% Of Users Are Satisfied With Their iPhone 4S

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initial customer satisfaction survey.
Just like last year, the surveys reveals some interesting results, especially when you take into account the negative publicity 
77% of iPhone 4S users are very satisfied and 19% are somewhat satisfied with their shiny new device, while only 2% said they were not satisfied with their new iPhone . This is much better than
, where 72% of iPhone 4 users were very satisfied and 21% of iPhone 4 users were somewhat satisfied.
Not surprisingly, 49% of iPhone 4S users rated Siri – Apple ‘s revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature as their favorite feature. iPhone 4’s Retina Display had taken the honors last year.
The other top features were iPhone 4S’ vastly improved 8 megapixel camera, ease of use and faster web browsing experience.
The new iPhone 4S users felt that its battery life is too short, while 30% disliked the lack of 4G capability. 11% of the iPhone 4S also didn’t like the screen size, probably because they were expecting a 4-inch iPhone . Interestingly, coverage/speed/quality of 3G network fell to the 4th spot in the most disliked thing list, which was the second most disliked thing about the iPhone 4 last year after requirement to use AT&T’s network, which has been address this year with availability on Verizon and Sprint’s network.
It looks like the antenna improvement that Apple has incorporated in iPhone 4S has helped. The number of dropped calls reported by iPhone 4S users was 2.5%, half as much as the rate reported by iPhone 4 users (5.2%) in last year’s survey.
Verizon iPhone 4S users reported a 1.3% dropped call rate, while AT&T iPhone 4S users reported a much higher dropped call rate of 4.1%.

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