Sony Looking To Bypass Cable Providers With Web-Based TV Service

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Sony is rumored to be looking at a web-based TV service that bypasses cable providers, the
If successful, this would directly compete with the
Sony has been steadily working on ways to improve consumers’ TV experience. Now, they are rumored to be looking for a way to bypass the market power of cable companies. Sony is reportedly looking into using a web-based content delivery system in conjunction with PlayStation 3s and Blu-ray players as well as its own televisions.
MacRumors highlights the fact that Sony has made contact with content providers directly, including Comcast-NBC-Universal, News Corp., and Discovery. They highlight one possibly prominent pitfall in Sony’s endeavor:
One stumbling block could be Sony’s desire to license a smaller bundle of channels than existing cable operators offer to undercut the incumbents on price and flexibility, according to people familiar with the matter. That could be a nonstarter for media companies, which would prefer not to undercut their biggest customers.
The WSJ’s report also mentions that Apple made a similar move a few years ago in order to offer packages on iTunes, but was ultimately unsuccessful in convincing content providers to alter their channel bundles.
, and there are whispers of a
for either 2012 or 2013. Sony is already competing with Apple , but the game is definitely getting more intense. If Sony is successful in negotiating directly with the content providers, Apple will have some catching up to do.

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