Siri’s security sabotaged, developer releases crack tools

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Siris security sabotaged, developer releases crack tools

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The security protocol that enables Siri to communicate with Apple ‘s servers and return information via speech recognition has been cracked by developer Applidium.

What does that mean?

In a nutshell, according to Applidium, “anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri!” The technology that Siri uses to communicate with Apple servers is not HTTP, as many developers may suspect. In fact, Apple uses TCP to connect with Siri.

After some more digging, Applidium had discovered the server name and address that Siri uses. After finding the server, a valid certificate was needed. By adding a personal root certificate, Applidium was able to mark any other certificate as valid, including one that could be recognized by Siri’s servers.

Next came some complex hacking of various files and packets. Applidium has it all laid out on its blog if you’re interested in getting the specifics. What was learned, though, was pretty telling.

Apple uses a VoIP codec called Speex to encode raw audio from Siri and send it to Apple servers. If developers want to use Siri on a non-iPhone 4S device, you’ll have to get an iPhone 4S identifier. Specifics are not given on the blog, but the forthcoming crack tools will explain how to do it.

Apple is all-in on Siri’s technology. In fact, for every word that the Siri servers respo… [Read more]

Siris security sabotaged, developer releases crack tools

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