Samsung Relaunches Modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany To Bypass Injunction

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Samsung, in an effort to bypass the
 in the EU, has made some minor modifications to their 10.1″ tablet and relaunched it today, according to German tech blog
. reported today that Samsung has made some tweaks to its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in light of the injunction it faced a few a months ago that banned sales of that device in the entire European Union. The modified model also has a new name – the Galaxy Tab 10.1N.
The new Galaxy Tab 10.1N is at the top of the image above, while the older, banned design is at the bottom. You can see here that the bezel – the metal frame around the device – has been expanded over the edges and now partially covers the face of the device on two sides. This specific characteristic was one that was dismissed by the Dusseldorf Regional Court as having “prior art.”
FOSSPatents has gone through a lot of the technicalities of the intellectual property involved in this litigation. Apple asserted something called Community Design, which is a design-related intellectual property right. In order for this to be infringed on, all of its key characteristics must be present in the new design, or an informed person must feel that this is the case. Since the modified bezel was determined to be prior art, it may be that this new model doesn’t infringe on the
‘s design.
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