Samsung Continues Anti-iPhone Ads On Facebook

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 (though it’s one way currently), not in the
– continues on Facebook. Samsung’s taking their marketing to a different level with a new series of ads that focuses on their Galaxy S II phone.
Only a week ago, Samsung
that targeted Apple fanboys. On the one hand, it may have alienated their potential audience – namely, those who were waiting in line for the iPhone . At the same time, the video became pretty widespread, with the line “dude, you’re a barista” popping up everywhere.
Samsung’s riding that publicity out with a redesigned Facebook ad campaign. They’ve put out a few different ads starring envious iPhone enthusiasts and their very own Galaxy S II line of phones. They’ve gone so far as to call the iPhone “old school,” lumping it in with the “brick” phones from years ago.
The big features that Samsung is hoping to draw users with are a 4G data connection, a larger screen, and it’s overall sleek design. And, of course,
admits, it may be a little distasteful of Samsung, especially considering that 96% of
, but it’s definitely catching lot of attention. Check out Samsung’s Facebook page, be sure to take a peak at their wall posts.

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