Rumors Of Apple’s Television Plans Has Competitors Scrambling

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While Apple ‘s relationship with Sharp may be blossoming towards a full-blown Apple branded television set as early as next summer, other TV manufacturers are scrambling to react to Apple ‘s rumored TV plans.
An analyst at Jeffries, Peter Misek, claims that Sharp has modified a production line for TFT LCDs destined for Apple ‘s television.
If all goes well, the line should be ready for commercial production by February of 2012, which means we could see Apple ’s take on the TV by midyear.
. Apple ‘s rising popularity is something that’s sure to make other companies take notice.
“Based on our discussions, interestingly other TV manufacturers have begun a scrambling search to identify what iTV will be and do,” says Misek. “They hope to avoid the fate of other industries and manufacturers who were caught flat footed by Apple .”
This mass scramble now means that if other manufacturers put out something to rival Apple ‘s television, it may not be too late to put up some competition. Then again, it may not be enough.
. We would definitely be in line to buy one. What about you?

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