Rafe Recommends: To-do manager Wunderlist

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Rafe Recommends: To-do manager Wunderlist

Wunderlist has just enough to-do list management features

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Here’s a case where a free app is better than a paid one.

There are dozens of to-list apps available for every operating system. I’ve tried many of them and even paid (too much) for the stunning Mac and iOS versions of Things. But I have since settled on the free, ultra-cross-platform product Wunderlist, and it’s what I recommend whenever anyone asks me, “How do you keep track of stuff?”

What about Siri? No, thanks. Too iPhone -focused.

Wunderlist may not be able to listen to you, but it is simple. It lets you create multiple lists. I have Work, Personal, and Calls, for example, and I add trip-specific lists when I’m getting ready to travel. You easily pop items into and between them. What I like most about it, though, is how satisfying it is to mark an item as “done.” You click on it, and it grays out and moves to the “done” zone at the bottom of your list, where it stays all day, reminding you of your victory.

What I really like about Wunderlist is that there are native apps for every device I use: an iPhone , an iPad, two Windows computers, and a MacBook. (There’s also an Android app that I have installed on a Galaxy Tab, but that’s not a productivity machine … [Read more]

Rafe Recommends: To-do manager Wunderlist

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