New Case Brings Dual SIM Capabilities To Jailbroken iPhone

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Vooma, the company whose cases brought phone capabilities to the
, has come up with a new case called the Vooma iPhone 4 Peel PG920, which brings dual SIM capabilities to
Along with a SIM slot, the case also comes with extra 1380 mAh battery back up. The radios in the case require an app available on the
to pair up with the iPhone .
got their hands on a pre release version of the case, and they were quite impressed:
Once it’s set up the Peel PG92 works seamlessly and even uses a similar interface to Apple ’s own dialer – although it’s clear that the programmers had to cut a few corners to get the look and feel correct. For example, the dialing screen is actually a bitmapped copy of the original dialer and the letters and numbers are slightly warped. However, all of the major functionality is recreated in the Vooma app.
whose baseband is locked to a GSM carrier. This will allow them to use the local GSM carrier SIM in the second SIM card slot.
In case you’re interested in buying the case, enter your email id on
, and you’d be notified of its availability.
, as soon as its
is publicly released.
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