My current top games on iOS

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My current top games on iOS


The flood of iOS apps and games continues at the iTunes App Store and this week has been particularly big for new releases.

While I usually try to incorporate a theme into these iOS app collections, this week I wanted to let you know what I’m playing right now. These games are all high quality, from three different genres, are all new to iOS, and have captured my attention all week.

This week’s collection of apps are games I’m playing right now. The first is a one-of-a-kind tennis game that has a unique control style along with a comic book story line. The second is a remade Mac game with an extraordinary amount of content and a beautiful setting. The last is a sequel to a popular FPS franchise and might be the best yet.

Flick Tennis: College Wars ($1.99 iPhone , $3.99 iPad) does away with onscreen joypads and buttons, and lets you play tennis by drawing lines on the screen. It also offers a fun single-player story mode in comic book format that tells the story of a young tennis prodigy and his experiences coming up through the college ranks.

Plan your shots well to set up your opponent for a winner down the sideline.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

You start out playing easy opponents to give you time to get used to t… [Read more]

My current top games on iOS

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