Microsoft’s TellMe Vs Apple’s Siri: Head To Head Comparison [Video]

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Few days back, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie in an interview with Forbes said that 
, and that Apple had focused on it due to the 
‘s lack of features.
He touted that the TellMe facility – Microsoft’s voice recognition and instruction technology that has offered similar functionality has been available in the Windows Phone for over a year and that people are simply infatuated with Siri.
In our earlier post, we had mentioned that Matthew Miller of ZDNet compared Apple ‘s Siri with Google Voice Action on Android, Microsoft’s TellMe in Windows Phone 7 and the cross-platform Vlingo application. He concluded:
Google Voice Actions, Windows Phone 7, and Vlingo are all very similar and the only real big functional advantage they have over Siri is the ability to launch applications. Other than that, Siri beats all the others with the conversational nature of the utility that helps refine actions and make your life easier.
People who have not tried Siri really cannot understand the power and capability of it. [..]
[..] I don’t know about you, but the ability of Siri to continue the conversation and understand my INTENTis simply amazing and revolutionary. I honestly think we are just starting to see the beginning of a new smartphone user paradigm and unlike many people who have said the novelty of Siri will wear off I think people will start using it more and more and then not be able to use phones that don’t provide such assistance.
Jason from techaudotv has compared Apple ‘s Siri on iPhone 4S with Microsoft’s TellMe service on a Windows Phone to checkout how they compare.
Frankly, we were quite surprised by the results as we knew Siri was good (nowhere close to perfect), but we didn’t expect Microsoft’s TellMe service to be so bad. Let’s hope Microsoft’s Mundie sees this video so he realizes that Microsoft’s TellMe is no where close to offering Siri like functionality and more importantly that customers are not fools to love a product or a feature. It’s also disappointing to see someone as senior as Craig Mundie who is Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer is so ignorant when it comes to major features like Siri offered by his competition.
What do you think? Please share your views in the comments below.
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