Lead Developer Of Twitter For iPhone And iPad Leaves Company

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If you’re a Twitter addict and a long time iPhone user then you’ve probably heard of Loren Brichter. Loren was the developer of a popular iPhone app called Tweetie. Tweetie was renamed as ”
” after Twitter bought Brichter’s company – Atebits last year.
But after a brief stint at Twitter, Loren who was the lead developer of Twitter for iPhone and iPad is leaving the company.
Today was my last day at Twitter. Taking some time to figure out what’s next. Really proud of the way the team has grown.
The “pull to refresh” UI trick was one of the Loren’s coolest contribution to the iOS world, which was first introduced by him in the Tweetie app back in 2009. Since then a number of developers including tech giants like Facebook and Google have used the UI trick in their
. In fact, we find it quite irritating when developers don’t implement the feature in content based apps.
It will be interesting to see Loren’s next project. We hope it’s something to do with the iOS.

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