iPhone Users Reporting Issues With Address Book After iOS 5.0.1 OTA Update

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, and if that wasn’t bad enough, users have started reported new problems after upgrading to the latest iOS software update.
via the over-the-air (OTA) update has screwed up the address book on his iPhone .
I updated my iPhone 4S earlier today (using the OTA method), and I discovered a nasty bug. My iPhone could no longer remember the names of any of my contacts! I opened up the contacts app on my phone and discovered that all of entries were still there but if I got a text or a call my iPhone would have a sudden bout of amnesia and forget the contacts name.
It’s even more bizarre when you’re trying to create a new text. In the example above I texted Erin Hontz. After I selected her as the contact, I wrote my message and hit send. In the message pane (pictured on the right) it would forget my contact’s name and just show the number.
Hontz is not the only one to face this issue.
– one of our readers has just commented about an issue with iPhone contacts after upgrading to iOS 5.0.1:
Battery levels stayed the same. Where the update screwed me was my contacts. If I don’t have the “+ 1” format entered, the name of the contact doesn’t show up. Planning on restoring to factory settings.
According to Hontz, the issue seems to be affecting only iPhone 4S users. Hontz has provided the following workaround to fix the issue:
1) Open the Phone and dial *228. This is a Verizon over-the-air programming number.
3) Wait for the call to disconnect. You should get a prompt stating something like, “Settings updated.”
4) Open the Task Manager (double click the home button) and kill the Phone, Message, and Contacts Applications
6) Open the Message App to verify the fix.
If you are still broken, kill the Message App again, then reboot your phone.
Did iOS 5.0.1 also mess up your iPhone Contacts? Let us know if the workaround helped.

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