iPhone more popular than BlackBerry for business users

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iPhone more popular than BlackBerry for business users

The iPhone has unseated the BlackBerry among mobile workers.


The iPhone has surpassed the BlackBerry in capturing the hearts and minds of business users, at least according to one survey.

Polling more than than 2,300 enterprise workers for its latest quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, iPass found the iPhone tops among the mobile business crowd with a 45-percent share. That proved to be a healthy jump from 2010 when the iPhone ‘s share was only 31 percent.

Dropping to second place was the BlackBerry with a 32-percent share, slightly lower than the 35 percent seen last year. That left Android in the No. 3 spot with a 21 percent share among those polled, surpassing Nokia’s Symbian platform.

BlackBerry’s descent is not necessarily a sign that RIM has grown out of favor in the enterprise, according to iPass, but more the fact that competing mobile platforms have quickly risen in popularity.

“While increasing iPhone usage in the workplace was inevitable, this is the tipping point when the iPhone has overcome the BlackBerry on its traditional enterprise turf, and business smartphones are in the hands of nearly every knowledge worker,” iPass President and CEO Evan Kaplan said in a statement.

Looking ahead to next year, the iPhone will continue to shine among the enterprise crowd, while BlackBerry may si… [Read more]

iPhone more popular than BlackBerry for business users

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