iPhone 4S Test: Verizon Most Reliable, AT&T Fastest

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For the first time, users in the US have the option to choose from three wireless
– AT&T, Verizon and Sprint while buying
 of each wireless carrier based on a number of parameters such as pricing, network reliability, speed, ability to surf while you talk etc to help you decide, which one is a better network.
Metrico Wireless carried out an extensive test with the iPhone 4S to find out which carrier is the most reliable and which one has the fastest network in the US. Metrico spent more than a month performing
“more than 21,000 Web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks, stationary and in motion”
for the test.
Verizon iPhones made and held calls successfully slightly more than its competitors’ versions, with a 2.1 percent call failure rate, but AT&T beat out Sprint with a 2.8 percent call-failure rate compared to Sprint’s 3.7 percent. The call failure rate was well above the average dropped call rate of 1.4% for the industry, which Amit Malhotra, VP of marketing at Metrico feels could be due to new features and functionalities in phones.
Sprint’s iPhone performed better on live network voice quality on the uplink, but AT&T was better on the downlink. Verizon lagged in both.
AT&T topped the pack for data upload and download speeds, and the iPhone 4S was significantly improved on data over the iPhone 4.
AT&T beat Sprint and Verizon on Web-browsing speeds.
It appears all three carriers’ marketing messages are spot on. While AT&T touts its data speeds, Verizon stresses that reliability trumps all else. Sprint, which didn’t dominate its rivals in any performance category, instead promotes its status as the only unlimited carrier.
Metrico wouldn’t go so far as to recommend which phone to buy, but Malhotra says the hope is that consumers use the numbers to pick their priorities and that handset makers and wireless operators use it to improve their shortcomings.
If you care about speed the most, AT&T is your best choice.
If you care about simultaneous talking and web surfing, AT&T is your best choice as well
If you’re very price-conscious, Sprint is the way to go.
If you care about unlimited data, Sprint is the only one that offers a new plan.
If your concern is network reliability, you need to test the different networks in the areas you visit most.
If you travel a lot and want constant 3G access, Verizon is your best bet.

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