iPhone 4S SIM cards failing, even on CDMA networks

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iPhone 4S SIM cards failing, even on CDMA networks


No, that’s not a typo. Customers are reporting SIM card failures across all carriers, including CDMA-based Verizon and Sprint, which actually use the micro SIMs included in the iPhone 4S to roam on GSM networks as part of the “world phone” experience touted by Apple .

AT&T customer and Apple Support Communities member “robsdoghouse” experienced SIM card failure just after purchasing the iPhone 4S.

“I started experimenting with Siri and a couple minutes later the phone was hotter than usual and I get Sim Card failure, and Bad SIM messages.”

Over 17 pages later, many users are still baffled by the mysterious SIM card failure messages. SIM card failures aren’t quite uncommon with GSM networks like AT&T that use the card to authenticate their users’ accounts and grant service access. The fact that this failure is occurring with CDMA iPhone 4S models is, however, odd. ASC member “jpd60” reports that the issue is happening on his brand-new Verizon iPhone 4S:

“I cannot activate the phone if the SIM card is in the slot regardless of the fact that the Verizon network does not make use of it. If I remove the SIM card, I can activate the phone and everything works fine but as soon as I put it back in, I get a message that the phone has to be activated (which I can’t do).”

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iPhone 4S SIM cards failing, even on CDMA networks

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