iPhone 4S owners complain of persistent echo

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iPhone 4S owners complain of persistent echo

Some iPhone 4S owners complain they can't get Apple to hear their complaints, no matter how much they echo around the forums.


Battery drain issues aren’t the only problem plaguing some new iPhone 4S users. While Apple tries to address that issue with new updates, some users are also complaining of a persistent and annoying echo.

Since the release of the new iPhone , a large number of users have reported sound quality issues when using an Apple iPhone headset. Owners have also said the problem occurs while using the speakerphone, and it seems to have persisted for many after last week’s iOS 5.0.1 update, according to more than 25 pages of discussion on the Apple forums.

Here’s what iPhone user uncle PP had to say about his troubles:

For me this is a deal breaker since I use a wired headset almost exclusively. Genius Bar people say I am the only one who has this complaint. That must mean that I am either the only one using a headset or people don’t know that this isn’t supposed to happen. I actually tested every single iPhone 4S that they had on display (about 10) and they all had the mic feedback problem. I had the SIM card replaced which did nothing.

CNET reader Diana Phillips first began repor… [Read more]

iPhone 4S owners complain of persistent echo

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