iPad 3 Display Shipments Reportedly Ramping Up For Assembly In January 2012

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, display panel suppliers Samsung, LG, and Sharp will ship a total of 3 millions units by the end of November to Apple . These high resolution displays seem to be dedicated for the
, which will begin assembly soon.
Three of the largest display manufacturers have apparently already shipped 1 million display units to Apple , and are on schedule for another 2 millions units by the end of November. These displays are high-resolution units that are intended for the iPad 3.
The specifications for the touch module components for the iPad 3 are comparable to the ones used in iPad 2. TPK Holding and Wintek are expected to start shipping touch module components for the iPad 3 to Apple at some point between now and December, and combined units from those two companies are rumored to top 1 million units per month.
All of this hints to Foxconn beginning the assembly of iPad 3 units in January, and the device will probably debut in March or April just like the original iPad and the
also reports that samples of 7.85″ screens by various manufacturers have been delivered to Apple , but it remains to be seen if Apple will launch
with Retina display like the one seen in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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