iOS 5.0.1 didn’t fix battery drain bug, say some users

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iOS 5.0.1 didnt fix battery drain bug, say some users


Apple rolled out iOS 5.0.1 yesterday in large part to squash a battery drain bug, but some users say their batteries are still losing charge at a fast rate.

A variety of comments on the Apple Support Forums have so far revealed several people who say the fix did nothing to improve battery life.

Here are just a few comments among the range of unhappy users:

“Upgraded to 5.0.1 this morning. Still draining at the exact same rate. Unplugged with a full charge 2 1/2 hours ago, and already down to 80% with light usage.”
“Installed the new IOS 5.0.1 two hours ago. I started a test at 1:30 CT today. 5% battery drain in 45 minutes with WIFI and location services turned on and me not touching the Iphone 4S. The new update doesn’t seem to help much.”
“I updated last night (UK) and it didn’t fix anything. Losing 6% / hr in standby which is the same as with 5.0.”

Some have even claimed that the fix made the situation worse:

“Lost 15% in 45 mins and I didn’t even use the phone. What happened? This update is no help. In fact, it drains the battery even quicker.”
“Updated to 5.0.1 last night and my battery life seems even worse than before! My … [Read more]

iOS 5.0.1 didnt fix battery drain bug, say some users

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