iHome iP4, a bodacious iPhone boom box

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iHome iP4, a bodacious iPhone boom box

If the black isn't subtle enough for you, it's also available in day-glo.


Break out the parachute pants and that red leather Michael Jackson zipper jacket you have stashed in the back of the closet. iHome’s iP4 portable boom box for iPhone is going retro with a vengeance.

Just looking at the ghetto blaster design of the iP4 iPhone and iPod stereo dock makes me want to get a perm, rock some Cyndi Lauper, and see what Geraldo is up to these days.

The iP4 has more in common with a traditional boom box than just looks. It also runs on six D batteries so you can heft it up on your shoulder and strut down the street blasting the “Footloose” theme song. The original, not the remake.

Nostalgia doesn’t always come cheap. The iP4 costs $199.99. At least the technology has come a long way. The 7.5-pound boom box features a five-band graphic equalizer with an LCD display, FM radio, and backlit buttons.

The speakers are composed of 4-inch carbon composite woofers and 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled tweeters.

Now all you need is one of those brick-size ’80s cell phones to complete the tech look. Totally tubular!

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iHome iP4, a bodacious iPhone boom box

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