iControlPad: Bluetooth Game Controller For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Finally Available

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Finally, after number of iterations and delays, folks behind iControlPad have started shipping iControlPad.
According to iControlPad’s product page, it includes the following features:
The worlds smallest, lightest and fully functional bluetooth gaming controller
Compatible with iPhone , iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S2 and many, many more
 (no jailbreak required!)
Dual analogue nubs, digital D-Pad, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons
Bluetooth connection with HID keyboard, joystick and gamepad modes
Universal Metal Clamp, for attaching it securely to almost any phone
Internal 1360mAh rechargable battery, with support for charging your phone via USB
Upgradable firmware, new features can be added and restrictions bypassed
The only problem with such accessories is that you need to remember to carry it along with your iOS device and at $75 iControlPad is quite expensive.
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