iChat Service References Found In iOS 5

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A developer has found some code in iOS 5.0.1 that references both Jabber and AIM. This likely means that iChat integration may be coming to the
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A tweet from developer John Heaton has linked to some code found in iOS that references two chat protocols that are available in iChat.
Despite the direct references to Jabber and AIM, it is possible that it is part of a larger instant message service framework that would work with an iChat-like app, which integrates many different protocols in iOS.
Currently, iOS handles Apple ‘s new iMessage protocol – as well as SMS and MMS on the iPhone – via the Messages App. The FaceTime app handles video calls on the iPod Touch and the iPad, while the Phone app handles them on the iPhone . Heaton speculates:
Seriously, they probably have a pretty-close-to-done iChat app for iOS. Either that, or they are/were planning on integrating all kinds of cool stuff into the Messages app.
With Apple having integrated Twitter in iOS 5 and iMessage built into the Messages app, integrated IM doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibilities. Apple could just as easily release an iChat-like app as well.¬†At the same time, this could be remnants of code from a project that is ongoing but nowhere near ready, or one has been discontinued.
into a universal iMessage program that handles IM as well as iMessages since there is no client for iMessages on the desktop/laptop OS yet. This could be the sign of a two-fold change for iOS and OS X.
What do you think? Will Apple integrate IM? Is this just leftover from a tried-and-failed project? Sound off in the comments!

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