How to turn your iPhone into a microscope eyepiece

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How to turn your iPhone into a microscope eyepiece

Sometimes people ask me to look at frightfully exciting things.

These normally come via the incomprehensible medium of the press release. However, sometimes I get sent things (in this case, via an e-mail from my louche engineer friend George) describing a new invention that seems positively useful and even vaguely comprehensible.

This thing is called the SkyLight. It allows you to take your iPhone , Android phone, or any other that might still exist and turn it into a microscopic eyepiece for the world.

Its creator is medical designer Andy Miller. He has already designed the Global Focus microscope, a light, cheap fluorescent microscope for developing countries.

However, as he describes in the Kickstarter presentation I have embedded, his aim with the SkyLight is to allow trained medical practitioners to remotely view images from microscopes.

Miller says that almost any microscope–however old–can benefit from having a SkyLight attached to a smartphone in order to transmit excellent, and possibly even life-saving, images.

The device itself seems simple–in the way that comprehensible things often do. It clamps the smartphone camera over the microscope’s eyepiece in order to c… [Read more]

How to turn your iPhone into a microscope eyepiece

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