Here’s How Siri’s “Raise To Speak” Feature Works

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, and its “raise to speak” feature lets you activate it easily at any time. But how does it work?
 figured out the answer to that question during the teardown of the device.
. It’s an infrared LED, which works in conjunction with the proximity sensor.
Previous iPhones have had proximity sensors that were activated during phone calls and Skype calls. This would cause the the screen to turn off so you don’t accidentally turn on the speakerphone function, for example. It would then resume normal operation when the sensor was no longer near your face. The iPhone 4S’s sensor is different because it’s on whenever the screen is on, and it stays activated. This is what allows the device to know that you’re holding your phone up to your face and automatically activates Siri.
iFixit points out that the iPhone 4S’s infrared radiation is non-ionizing and so it’s perfectly safe. IR waves are on the periphery of visible light and we are exposed to them naturally every day so there’s no reason to worry.

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