Hands-on with Color’s live, silent video “Visits”

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Hands-on with Colors live, silent video Visits

I guess John is crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET)

Facebook not intrusive enough in your life, Bucky? Can’t stand the fact that you can only see what your friends are doing after they’ve already done it?

Then you’ll need Color for Facebook, the new app from the company that made the poorly-received previous version of Color. A preview of the app circulating now, which I tried. The app will open up to the public later this year.

Color for Facebook is an alternative mobile client app (iPhone and Android) for the social network. It focuses on photo and video sharing, and it’s pretty good at that. But the standout feature is a new form of sharing that nothing else does: The “Visit.”

Visits are live video feeds that you can broadcast to your social network friends. They last 30 seconds, and do not include audio. They’re like remote camera views from alien worlds: little glimpses of what’s happening in another life, that, if you’re lucky, you can tune in to live. And you can send them over a cellular connection, you don’t need WiFi.

They’re also recorded for later viewing, but I found replays of the choppy, silent clips not very engaging when viewed after the fact.

Color for Facebook is also a pretty good app to see the phot… [Read more]

Hands-on with Colors live, silent video Visits

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