GarageBand available for iPhone, iPod Touch

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GarageBand available for iPhone, iPod Touch

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One of the most interesting apps to appear on the iPad has been Apple ‘s own GarageBand. The robust features include the ability to play several instruments or sit back while the app plays them for you, recording original music at any level of expertise.

Previously the app was available only for iPad, which made sense given its complexity and need for screen real estate. But, the software engineers at Apple have once again figured out how to port a great app to the smaller screen sizes of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

New in version 1.1 for iPad, iPhone , and iPod Touch:

Create custom chords for use in Smart Instruments.Support for 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures.Reset song key without transposing original recordings.Transpose songs in semitones or full octaves.Additional quantization options including straight, triplet, and swing.New export audio quality settings including AAC and AIFF (uncompressed).Arpeggiator available in Smart Keyboard.Adjustable velocity settings for Touch instruments.Other enhancements including automatic fade out and improved audio import options.

But if you aren’t sure what half of that stuff is, GarageBand is a great tool to help non-musicians explore music in an easy and intuitive way for everything from background music for movies (exactly why I use it) to just messing around … [Read more]

GarageBand available for iPhone, iPod Touch

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