Five ways to snap a photo with your iPhone

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Five ways to snap a photo with your iPhone

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One of the major improvements for both iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S was made in the area of photography. Upgraded camera specs on the new iPhone 4S and improved software in iOS 5 make taking pictures much more appealing from your phone. These tips can help even further, giving users greater options when producing photos.

1. Use your software shutter-release button. This is the basic iOS function that has been included since the very beginning. Open the camera app, adjust your frame and zoom level, then press the camera icon. For better shake control, try pressing and holding the camera icon button until you’re ready to snap the photo, take a deep breath in to steady yourself, then release the button.

2. New to iOS 5 is the ability to use the volume (+) button to trigger the shutter. This allows users to take some photos that they may not have otherwise been able to previously. If you’re in a crowded area (say, an Occupy rally), you can easily hold your iPhone high in the air and snap a photo of the madness without having to locate the software button in the camera app.

3. According to a hint on OS X Hints, the iOS 5 camera can also be triggered using the volume (+) button on your included iPhone headphones. This comes in handy when you are looking to shoot several shots in a row but need to keep the camera steady between e… [Read more]

Five ways to snap a photo with your iPhone

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