Developer ports Siri to iPhone 3GS

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Developer ports Siri to iPhone 3GS

Image Composite by Joe Aimonetti)

A follow-up to 9to5Mac’s report on developer Steven Troughton-Smith’s porting of Siri to an iPhone 4 reveals that another developer, Ryan Petrich, has created a scenario for Siri to function on an iPhone 3GS, though performance is not very good.

Last week Siri was hacked to run on an iPhone 4 by jailbreaking an iPhone 4S to recover the files necessary to run Siri on the iPhone 4. 9to5Mac provided a great interview and video showing the iPhone 4 running Siri next to an iPhone 4S.

Now, according to developer Ryan Petrich, Siri can run on the iPhone 3GS as well, though with some quality issues. Petrich tells 9to5Mac that the port really only works when no ambient noise is present.

It would appear then that some of the issues with Siri being brought to older iPhones in the future may depend on the quality of the microphone–a hardware issue. With all the other features of the iPhone 4S being trumpeted I do not recall seeing any analysis of the microphone, a piece that may be integral to the success of Siri, especially when accurately interpreting voice input.

Below is the video from Petrich showing an iPhone 3GS running Siri in a sound-controlled environment.

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