Developer coaxes Siri to raise, lower his temperature

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Developer coaxes Siri to raise, lower his temperature

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The prospect of asking Apple ‘s Siri to control items besides your iPhone is starting to look a whole lot more real.

A developer known only as Pete, or @plamoni on Twitter, has created a special proxy server through which he can issue voice commands to the iPhone 4S voice assistant, who can then perform tasks outside of the iPhone . The first target: his thermostat.

Tapping into a hack set up last week by developer Applidium that lets people add more functionality to Siri, Pete managed to create a plugin to control a Wi-Fi thermostat by voice. In the video demo seen below, he was able to not only ask Siri to report the room temperature but also to change it.

The steps required to convince Siri to change the temp and perform other actions demand a fair knowledge of security certificates and OpenSSL, according to Pete. So it’s not likely something the average person could do. But he held out the possibility of creating some automated scripts to help people try to duplicate his achievement.

Applidium’s initial hack potentially opens the door for Siri to work on devices other than the iPhone 4S, but Pete’s bit of proxy trickery doesn’t by i… [Read more]

Developer coaxes Siri to raise, lower his temperature

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