Despite Multiple Lawsuits Samsung Still Blatantly Copying Apple

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@frank stop trolling you look like a idiot repeating ur self, Samsung are in the wrong this could be very misleading to alot of folk who want a apple product and dont have the tech kno how might buy this instead because it looks like a apple product…….Samsung have no ideas and have to copy a better product.
Samsung are rubbish any way there phones are low quality, never have updates, over priced….oki I lie a little the only decent samsung product was a samsung d512 phone that is old as the hills.
Either way any device running android is gonna fail, since android are very to faced saying they wont support hardware but than bought over motorola mobile department, so just imagine your sitting there with your brand spanking new samsung tablet waiting for an update that will never come.
On other news android could be facing court action against the linux foundation, Android is now saying its not linux or open source but its own brand…but still continues to use kernals/source codes from linux…fail

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