Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift 2011 is here

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Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift 2011 is here

Cut the Rope, one of the hottest smartphone games, just got a free standalone version for both the iPhone and iPad (universal) featuring new challenges and holiday-themed levels.

Each level features the Christmas tree background, and adds new stockings that teleport candy.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Certain apps have staying power on the top-10 list at the iTunes App Store and Cut The Rope offers just the right mix of challenging physics-based gameplay, family-friendly graphics, and tons of levels to explore to keep it near the top.

Just like last year’s Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, the 2011 version helps you get into the holiday spirit. Developed by ZeptoLab, the game comes with 25 new levels, holiday-themed obstacles, and a new Rocket level at the end to add to the fun. There’s also a bonus feature that lets you make greeting cards by adding the game’s mascot, Om Nom, to images from your iPhone image library.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (free) comes with 25 holiday-themed levels to explore. Each level features holiday themed backgrounds with Christmas trees, and even the ropes themselves have been made to look like strings of lights. In later levels, new holiday stockings let you drop candy into one stocking, then watch it shoot out of the another to add to th… [Read more]

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift 2011 is here

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