Crosswalk, a unique app-discovery service for iOS

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Crosswalk, a unique app-discovery service for iOS

Crosswalk shows you the iOS apps that your friends have, and you don't.

Here’s a new, unique way to discover apps for your iPhone : Crosswalk. (Note the unusual .lk Web address.)

It’s a social app discovery service, which means it will show you the apps your friends have that you don’t.

It’s a better way to find the stuff you’ll like than using the top lists in the App Store. That method will help you find the mega hits like Angry Birds (once they become mega) but not necessarily the cool little app that all your friends are using.

Unlike the competing apps Zwapp and Tapjoy, which use imperfect software (I tried them both) installed on your iOS device to detect which apps you have, Crosswalk instead scans your iCloud account to get an accurate list of everything you’ve ever downloaded.

Crosswalk helps you find new apps

Then it cross-checks your apps with your Crosswalk-using friends’ apps to tell you what’s popular and what’s trending in your network that you don’t already have. It’s easy to use and I found it gave good recommendations. You’re also be able to see which of your friends have an app you’re interested, so you can ask them about it.

Company President Tom McLeod told me it will also recommend apps by tracking what type of ap… [Read more]

Crosswalk, a unique app-discovery service for iOS

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