Big screen, small package: Brookstone’s Pocket Projector for iPhone 4

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Big screen, small package: Brookstones Pocket Projector for iPhone 4


Though it’s not the only portable projector on the market, Brookstone’s Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 seems to be one of the more elegant options for portable large-format viewing.

The slide-on docking case includes the projector unit, which makes setting up a presentation or video-viewing session quite easy when you’re on the go. The 15-lumen LED lamp will give you a crisp 640×360-pixel native resolution that will stay clean up to 50 inches.

Of course, your surroundings play a major role in how crisp the picture quality is with any projector, but especially with the less powerful, portable models. You’ll want to get your room as dark as possible to ensure the blackest blacks and best contrast ratio you can get.

The Pocket Projector also includes a speaker for audio and has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged via USB cable. You can also use the projector as a battery backup case for your iPhone if you’re running low on juice. Though the billing says that the Pocket Projector is for iPhone 4, it should also be compatible with iPhone 4S devices because their design is pretty much identical.


Having a projector case for your iPhone can be a great way to entertain your kids at a hotel room while traveling or a tech-savvy way to show a presentation in a business meeting. Together with Apple ‘s Keynote (

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