AT&T Customers Sticking With Carrier Despite Verizon And Sprint Offering The iPhone

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AT&T was expected to heavily lose a large chunk of its iPhone subscribers, since its exclusivity contract with Apple ended earlier this year. Those expectations escalated further when Apple announced that along with Verizon and AT&T, Sprint, too, would be carrying the
According to Glenn Lurie, President of emerging devices at AT&T, the carrier hasn’t experienced significant customer defection since the introduction of the iPhone on rival networks.
“Churn has not moved at all,” said Glen Lurie, president of emerging devices for AT&T. Churn refers to the number of customers who cancel services.
Lurie said the carrier’s relationship with Apple Inc., maker of the iPhone , has been positive, and they’ve had record-breaking sales of the latest iPhone 4S which has led to some supply issues. U.S. consumers are looking at a week to two week wait times to get the latest iPhone 4S from AT&T, he said.
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That said, AT&T does have two advantages over its rivals, as pointed out by
Ability to offer higher download speeds than Verizon and Sprint.
, which is selling quite well even two years after its launch.
Are any of you folks still experiencing spotty coverage on AT&T’s network, or does the “no change in churn rate” mean that AT&T’s reliability has increased?

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